Thorogood Fire » The Deuce

Completely redesigned for 2014 the new Thorogood DEUCE helps contribute to the success of any law enforcement or military operation…getting the tactical advantage. If sure-footed stealth is the name of the game, the new DEUCE advanced tactical footwear delivers.

The NEW DEUCE uniform footwear is ideal if you are looking for high-performance athletic comfort, ultra-light construction, multi-surface slip-resisting tread design and enhanced 100% non-metallic tactical styling. In addition, the new design features shock-absorbing comfort, convenient side-zipper options and true waterproof construction.

Thorogood's NEW Z-TRAC multi-surface traction outsole (designed for urban, suburban and rural environments) features a specially formulated dual-density rubber sole compound that was created exclusively to deliver maximum traction and stability in the most challenging conditions. The unique cross-environment Z-TRAC tread design, ensures that very step you take can be taken with confidence. The built-in flex design also provides the long-term comfort you demand. This is the best tactical uniform boot Thorogood has ever produced. And for the money, it's the ultimate uniform boot available to serious law enforcement personnel.

The DEUCE collection is available in both safety and non-safety styles, 8" and 6" heights, plus side-zipper and waterproof combinations.

Recommended for: professional law enforcement, private security and military personnel

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